How to Write and Submit an Academic Paper in 18 weeks
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Introduction Part
Chapter 1 What Is the Problem?
• Describe the problem investigated
• Summarize other studies to provide context, key terms,
and concepts so your reader can understand your research
Chapter 2 Why Is the Problem Important?
• Review research to provide a reason for your research
Chapter 3 What Conflicts or Unanswered Questions Does Your Research Address?
• Identifying and selling the problem
Chapter 4 What Previous Findings Are You Challenging or Extending?
• Being critical and evaluating the contributions of others
Chapter 5 What Solution Do You Propose?
• Briefly describe your experiment: hypothesis, research question;
method and reasons for using the method if alternatives exist

Methods Part
Chapter 6 How Did You Study the Problem?
• Briefly explain the general type of procedure you used
• What did you use? Describe what materials, subjects, and equipment you used
Chapter 7 How Did You Proceed?
• Explain the steps you took in your experiment
• Describe the process: Infinitive of purpose

Results Part
Chapter 8 What Did You Observe?
• For each experiment or procedure
• Briefly describe experiment without detail of methods part
• Report main results, supported by selected data
Chapter 9 H ow Can You Describe Quantities?
• Highlight figures and tables

Discussion Part
Chapter 10 What Do Your Observations Mean?
• Summarize the most important findings at the beginning
• What conclusions can you draw?
Chapter 11 H ow Do Your Results Fit into the Broader Context?
• Suggest the theoretical implications of your results
• Suggest practical applications of your results
• Present trends and projections
Chapter 12 How Can You Describe Causes and Effects?

Chapter 13 How Can You Use Examples?
• How to use examples

Chapter 14 What Is the Report About in Short?
• How to write the abstract

Chapter 15 How Can We Write About Others Who Helped Us?
• How to write the references using different citation styles

Cover Letter to the Editor
Chapter 16 How Can We Write a Cover Letter to the Editor?
• How to write the cover letter to the editor of an academic journal

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